The history and future of a curious foam jockstrap pouch.

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- - History - -

    JockUps were invented by a reclusive Wellesley, Massachusetts, gentleman sometime in the 1970s.  Hal had started the PS Company around then selling jockstraps and related apparel to a select group of men.  The genesis of the JockUp seems to have been giving guys a little more heft to their jockstrap's pouch.  The first ones were made from old wet-suit material, so every one was unique.

    In 1982 a friend and customer of Hal gave me my first JockUp, and introduced me to PS Company.  One soon led to another, as my jockstrap collection grew and my selection of JockUps mounded!

Early but still much appreciated JockUp

The Classic JockUp in Melon!!     When Hal's declining health stopped production, I began experimenting with different sizes, styles and materials.   Finding an adequate source of one-sided neoprene has proven elusive, so production was severely limited to the few old wetsuits too damaged to use for diving.  Current JockUps are made from surplus sleeping pads.   Blue Knuckles (also available in Green) are the background for the Outline Section on the left, while the background of this page features the Melon material:   Both of which are in abundant supply!

     From personal contacts, word of mouth and now Internet links, sales have steadily grown.  This site is a distillation of many postal and e-mail exchanges between myself and other JockUp wearing customers.  Since it is still very much a work in progress, I welcome your constructive comments.   Wearing JockUps, whether singly, sandwiched between jocks or alone under tight jeans, is such a uniquely masculine pleasure, my enthusiasm is the one thing that they don't contain!

- - What Are They?? - -

    The Jock in JockUp is key to understanding their genesis.  The wear of jockstraps, whether as daily undergear or for protection when enjoying active sports subject the user to an exceptionally close relationship between the man's "jock" and his "'strap".  I've long maintained that wearing a jockstrap is akin to having a close friend palm me continually.  The strong sense of genital awareness, coupled with the confidence of controlled confinement make the wearing of even the skimpiest of swimjocks an intensely masculine pleasure.

    From almost the earliest times, jockstraps have evolved to provide more protection as sporting activities have grown more violent.  Some of these changes, alas, have all but separated the jockstrap experience from the manhood they protect!  While many of the more recent cups have marked a welcome change toward providing comfort, protection and a modicum of style, most are difficult to wear routinely under street clothes.

Palmed Melon Classic
Gauzed Knuckled Uplifter

    There have been all sorts of cup inserts designed for jockstraps in the past, made out of anything and everything from polished cast aluminum to fabric-stitched "bra-style" pads.  The JockUp is a simple but unique compromise between extreme protection on the one hand and extremely fashionable dysfunction on the other.

    The classic JockUp, still made to Hal's original pattern, takes the basic shape of a man's jockstrapped genitalia in their most compact, protective form and wraps a layer of conforming foam around them.  Remember my comment about the "palming" sensation a jockstrap gives a man?  When placed inside a well-fitted jockstrap's pouch, the JockUp gives its wearer the feeling that his "close friend" has replaced both JockUp and jockstrap with their warm, protective hand.  Has "personal protection" ever been carried to this extent before?

- -Styles & Profiles - -

JockUps in Evolution

Classic JockUp

     The classic JockUp presents the most compact bulge, fully containing your equipment in the most efficient space.  Your cock is folded over the balls, with the tip resting between them.  The smooth, unseamed edge of the JockUp should ride under your nuts.  For the most comfortable wear, the base of the JockUp should rest at the bottom of the jockstrap's pouch.

Classic JockUp Dimensions
Curved Uplifter Sketch

Curved Uplifter JockUp

     The Curved Uplifter grew out of a desire to sleep jockstrapped and JockUpped!  Much as I might enjoy the experience during the day, having my cock folded over is too intense for sleep.  A single, oversized jockstrap has long been my preferred pyjama on a cold night.  The large pouch allows plenty of room for my balls to rest low, while my cock is held out of harm's way against my body.

     How to accommodate this sleeping preference?  The Curved Uplifter JockUp extends upwards, still leaving ample ball-nesting area, while also providing an upper area to keep a tumescent cock comfortably contained.  The result has been so enjoyable that the "CU" has long since moved from the bedroom to become a major player in my pouch improvement program.  The CU, especially when worn with a stack of rubber cock rings (O rings), presents a substantial elongated bulge under jeans or close fitting shorts.

Curved Uplifter in Melon
Narrow Uplifter Sketch

Narrow Uplifter

     The Curved Uplifter is a pretty uncompromising pouch!  Looking for some middle ground between the simplicity of the Classic, and the CU's singularity, I shaved some of the top lip off to create the Narrow Uplifter.  This hybrid design has a slimmer profile, but functions much the same.  Instead of a deep pouch for your cock, a slim lip keeps the tip in place.  The design provides a little more ventilation, but still plenty of warmth.  Again, O rings help you keep everything in place.

  The Narrow Uplifter is a switch hitter!  A man can dress his cock down over his nuts, when the need arises, and his Narrow Uplifter will help him rise to that occasion!  The top of the pouch can be nestled in behind your cock, if desired.  So, if you can't decide which to try first, grab an NU!!

First Narrow Uplifter

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