Bulgy Shorts

Building a good mound, from the JockUps out!

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This page was last updated on:   May 1st, 2005.
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Hands-on Squarecut Trunks Photos
Hiking in RangerFireboots and Squarecut Trunks
     This page is a bulgy extra from the JockUps tutorial.  Below are two separate sequences where I "expose" you to more JockUps shorts insight.   On the left, the photo of the gear I wore on my last walk in the woods links you to a table of thumbnails which offer a lot of hands-on experiences.   The squarecut shorts were my second attempt to build JockUp bulges onto neoprene shorts!   It seemed appropriate to feature the same shorts (almost briefs in the "sudden" inseam cutoff), now with a knuckled Jockup under the pouch, in a series of hands-on/hands-near photos.   I hope you like them, and it would be even better if you felt a real masculine need to emulate them ! <G> !
    The "harness" is of O-rings, around 200 of them, I believe. The belt I took off a Nebraska County Sheriff, or so the Antique Store in South Omaha instructed me to reply.
     On the right is a Tower Room balcony view of my latest amplified pouch shorts.    These guys are sort of crossovers from "relaxed ease" jeans, via snug bike shorts.    They're -- well -- rather difficult to get into, but I'm thinking you'll find the final packaging worth the extra effort! !   Below are a handful of thumbnails that show the whole process, and then some.
    A Heavyweight lifting belt this time, and if memory serves, an "anatomically enveloping" latex leotard to provide torso balance.    The Hand?? You say someone's got me in hand?    A jollly grey giant, you say.    Hmm, I wonder what else he gets into.    Maybe The Hand and I will enjoy some more photo sessions on my main site!
Standup Superfront in Hand
Standup Superfront in Hand

JockUps and shorts assembled First, we assemble all of the gear, inside out.  Yup, the melon suspensory will fit in the Knuckled Upfliter. Rugged Trunks Knuckled Next, we test for goodness of fit and suitablity to the task at hand.
JockUp & Suspensory installed (off-camera).  Shorts tugged up over protesting calves, zipper coaxing begins. JockUp and Suspensory Coaxed into Place Last adjustment of the JockUps, the largest set in my inventory. JockUps Adjustment
Zipper Coaxing Begins Zipper coaxing continues.  Calves are getting used to their imprisonment. One more tug and tuck! Zipper almost up there.   The neoprene closure is well in hand.
An unadorned frontal view, just to get the feel of it. Super Frontal View Sometimes I think my right basket profile is my best. <G> Rugged Profile
Spreadeagled Supine The grass feels mighty good after all of that tugging and pressing. Supine Rested I'm recharging for that last big photo below.    Enjoy!!
Supine and Restful Profile
Lawn Therapy.   Can I never get enough of it?!

The SquareCut Gallery

      No padding prose with these guys!   They're great fun to wear, with all sorts of accompaniments and in many mound-contacting activities.   I'm going to let the photos do all of the talking for now!
Squarecut Handled Squarecut Palmed Squarecut Profile
Squarecut Profile Palmed Squarecut Two Fists Squarecut Frontal

     Want to know more about JockUps and how to get some for your own protection and/or pleasure?    Are you ready to build a visible bulge with your own highly modified neoprene or melon foam gear?    Send me an e-mail and tell me of your bulging desires!<G>

Tell Harold about it!!