The history and future of a curious foam jockstrap pouch.
Page Six -- Sizing Instructions

This page was last updated on:   May 1st, 2005.
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Sizes and Materials

     As much as possible, I try to make all JockUps of the same material nestable.   So, we need to get you up to speed on the materials first, since the thicknesses of each are all different.

Material Choices

     MELON FOAM.  That's what I call my favorite JockUp material.  It's made from Swiss military surplus sleeping pads.   The major background on this page is a photo of the melon foam, at roughly natural size.   Melon foam is about 3/8th inches thick (about 1 cm).   Its finish is very smooth and virtually nonabsorbent.   So, expect to get very sweaty balls while wearing JockUps made from this stuff!!

     Many of the melon foam properties seem to be ideal for JockUps.   The feel when handling it is similar to neoprene foam, but the surface is much less susceptible to damage.   The lightly textured surface (less than a milimeter deep) puts a neat imprint on your skin after a few hours wear.

     KNUCKLED FOAM.  My newest material choice is camp pad foam from the Coleman folk.   I call it knuckle foam because its gnarly appearance when seen through a jockstrap or leather jeans resembles knucles.   The Index bar background on the left side of your screen is the turquoise blue knuckle foam.   Thickness varies from about 1/4" to about 5/8" (1.5 cm) at the knuckles' heights.   I also have a sea green color available.

    The knuckled foam surface is more open and rather soft.   Even though lightweight, the knuckled foam is moderately stiff.   As a practical matter, cement bonds more readily to knuckled foam than to the other material choices.   So even though it's rather nonyielding, contorting knuckle foam into JockUp shapes is an imminently doable thing.   It's very resilient to pressure too, despite the seeming softness.

     NEOPRENE FOAM.  The traditional wetsuit material.   JockUps were first constructed from recycled wetsuits, usually those nylon-surfaced on one side.   I have very limited quantites available.   I've also experimented with three different densities of industrial neoprene (bare on both sides), all nominally 1/4" (6 cm) thick.   The softest crushes very easily and recovers slowly, but otherwise is similar to the lighest weight wetsuit material. The hardest is rather stiff, and to my mind doesn't conform well enough to be erotically satisfying.   The middle grade is similar in performance to wetsuit material.   If you'd like more information, or to ask for samples, please e-mail me.   The link is in the gold bar at the bottom of the page.

JockUp Sizing Instructions

(for Classic, Narrow and Curved Uplifter Styles)

Pouch Circumference

1.   Climb into your clingiest-pouched jockstrap.   Do NOT get excited (yet).

2.   Adjust your cock and balls to their most compact presentation.

3.   Holding one end of a tape measure at pouch top, wrap the tape around your basket.   Make sure the tape rides against your nuts as it crosses the pouch bottom.

4.   Take up the slack in the tape until it's snug all the way around the pouch, then read the circumference.

5.   Now we're ready for that all important "rise" specification.   Hold a ruler against you body, pressed against the side of the pouch.   Sight down your basket from above, and read the rise from the ruler.   For this measurement, particularly, assistance is a plus.   Doesn't your gym buddy owe you a favor?

Pouch Circumference
Classic Size Sequences
Size Circumference Depth
C1 11.5" 2.75"
C2 12.5" 3"
C3 13.5 3.25"
C4 14.5 3.5"
C5 15.5 3.75
C6 16.5 4.25
C7 17.5 4.75
C8 18.5 5.25

6.   Be honest with your numbers!   The first cup should exactly replace your jockstrap's pouch, so that you will receive the most pleasurable benefits from your JockUp.

7.   The measurements are a mite different for the Curved and Narrow Uplifters.   Wear a jock with more pouch room for this one, since you need to dress "cock up".   For the pouch circumference, make sure you "tape" around your cock tip and ball sac.

8.   The pouch depth is measured the same as for the classic JockUp.   But, we add another dimension -- the pouch length.   This is a straight line number representing the length of the Curved Uplifter from the base of your nuts to the tip of your cock.

Uplifter Size Sequences
Size Circumference Depth Regular
U1 11.25 2.75 5.0 6.0
U2 12.25 3.25 6.0 7.0
U3 13.25 3.75 6.75 7.75
U4 14.25 4.25 7.5 8.5
U5 15.25 4.5 8.0 9.0
U6 16.5 5.0 8.5 9.5

9.   There are two choices for pouch length. The first, was the original length of the Curved Uplifter: This should be short enough that your cock can't reach a full erection when wearing it.   The longer option, what I call the Long Mantle Upflifter's length, allows over an inch more room, but can give your cock too much room to stay properly in place. Stay away from working long division problems in your head while wearing it! <G>

10.   Another way of looking at the Curved Uplifter length is to consider that the cock area can be much less deep than ball area.   Recognizing this, I trim the cock pouch area back about an inch.   This has the effect for a given circumference, of giving an inch more cock "growing room".

11.   General sizing rule.   My sizes are pattern sizes, and the actual room inside the JockUp will vary with the material selected.   The inside circumference of neoprene JockUps will be 1/2" to 3/4" less than those on the chart.   Melon Foam JockUps are about an inch smaller, and the Knuckled Foam models run at least an inch and a half "under circumference"!   I thought about trying to adjust them all to come out the same, but that would cause such a multiplication of patterns as to be unmanageable.  

12.   Stacking Rule.  The sizes are based on about an inch in circumference and a quarter inch in depth increase for each greater size.   This worked fine for neoprene, and every size I made was nestable.   With Melon Foam, you have to go up two sizes to stack, and Knuckled Foam puts the stackable sets three sizes apart!

13.   Here's a practical example.   Let's say you want to get a set of stackable Classic JockUps in Melon Foam, and your measurements are 13" around, and 3" deep. The C3 size would probably be too small, since the foam cuts an inch off the circumference.   I'd get the C4.   Then, since Melon foam is close to twice as thick as neoprene, the next two nestable sizes would be C6 and C8. If you need bigger than C8, please tell me what year you ran in the Preakness!

14.   Suspensory Sizing.   I'm not publishing a chart for suspensories yet, since they're still are very much in development.   If you're interested in one, what I would need is the essentially your ball sac circumference and depth, and what size cock opening (diameter) you desire.   This last measurement should be made when you are not fullyerect, and if it's easier for you, just provide me with your cock's circumference:   I'm on real close terms with Pi!

15.   Don't Worry!    If you're not sure what sizes to order, don't panic.   Just tell me your base dimensions, what style and material you want, and whether you want any to nest.   I'll make sure you get a set that meets your expressed needs!

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