The history and future of a curious foam jockstrap pouch.
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This page was last updated on:   May 1st, 2005.
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- -Wearing Advantages - -

From the Obvious to the Vital!

Physical Impact Protection

     JockUps are no replacement for hard cup inserts, where the nature of physical injury from high-speed projectiles (e.g., hockey pucks, baseballs, angry elbows) would warrant their use. Where day-today activities and less hazardous pursuits are being enjoyed, I believe they're just right for the job.  And, in use, they're many times more comfortable than most of the other products around.


     When properly fitted, JockUps offer excellent control of your pouch's contents, keeping your cock and balls exactly where you want them.  Whether for tasteful placement of your bulge, or easy access for a good grope, you'll love knowing your manhood's right on target.  Erections are controlled, so that while your bulge may grow, you'll have less worry about any unseemly display or "escape"!

Warmth and Comfort

     The mesh material employed in many of today's jockstrap pouches is frankly irritating to many men's cock heads.   The gently textured foam of melon rind JockUps has no sharp edges and is almost nonabsorbent.   The result is a wonderful sense of warm, moist comfort, that is particularly pronounced for circumcised men.

Masculine Bulge

     Bulge used to be a natural part of being male.   Unfortunately, popular mores and loose-fitting clothes have to a large extent emasculated our display of male virility.   JockUps allow even a modestly endowed man to show as well as he feels, and to feel very well about himself, indeed!

- -Wearing Preferences - -

Decisions, Decisions!

Single JockUps

Dressed Up

     If you're a man who prefers to dress his jockstrap with your cock pointed up, you've two choices of JockUp. The Curved Uplifter will provide the ultimate in control, especially in limiting the extent of any erection.   The Narrow Uplifter provides a more relaxed experience, and would be the choice of a man who cherished his freedom to grow!

Curved Uplifter Populated
Equipped Curved Uplifter
Narrow Uplifter Populated
Equipped Narrow Uplifter
Classic Folded
Equipped Classic Uplifter
Narrow Folded
Folded Narrow Uplifter

Folded Over

     If you, as do many jockstrap-wearing men, prefer a more compact presentation of your genitalia, you also have two choices of JockUp style.   The classic, available in sizes to fit from youth to giant, gives the best bulge.   The Narrow Uplifter gives a little more room, especially suitable for a man with a longer cock.   The taller pouch of the NU allows for folding your cock above your balls, instead of directly over them, for a change of pace experience.

- - Layered JockUps - -

Incremental Bulge Building

JockUps Layered

Classic JockUps

     All JockUps can be layered, but some more easily than others! Classic JockUps can be nested to any depth: My sizes are chosen so that each size up will naturally mate with its smaller buddy.   Back when I was making JockUps from neoprene, I have layered as many as five, producing a truly bodacious bulge! With the melon rind JockUps, the reasonable limit is three (over an inch thick), although four is not impossible.   The photo at the left shows a cross section of four layered neoprene JockUps juxtaposed with three of the Melon variety.

Narrow Uplifter

    The Narrow Uplifter can be readily nested over a smaller Classic, as shown in the photo at the right.   Larger NUs are also available, of course!

Narrow Uplifter over Classic
Nested Curved Uplifters

Curved Uplifter

     The Curved Uplifter is a special case.   Since the thing is all-enveloping, I also make longer versions that will allow for layering.   (The pair to the left, one size smaller than my standard, was a special Customer request.)   The smallest CU can be nested under a rather large Classic, with good results:   It feels much better than it looks!!

     See also the next section on WHY LAYER.

Curved Uplifter in Classic

- - Why Layer? - -

     Okay, so why layer, you ask?   Well, a little vanity perhaps?   Naw, I wouldn't be that cheap!!   We all know we're adequately endowed, but has the world noticed yet?   I've shown a few photos to tease your curiosity, but be on the watch for more!

Impact Protection

     You're beyond that, but much attuned to your body's needs?   How about impact protection?   Have you not fantasized about calmly walking towards a bazooka hurling baseballs at your groin, a smile of confident (but inscrutable) pleasure on your face?   Try three or four JockUps spreading that impact zone and you can be the boldest ball bouncer on your block!

Expanded Sensation Zone

     And you know what?   The feeling is still just as good to lighter touches, too.   Any place you touch a JockUp feels so goodly and closely personal!   I should mention the sound effects here, too.   It's not just from their appearance that I call the new foam JockUps "melon".   Man, those thumps can sure sound "ripe"!

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