The history and future of a curious foam jockstrap pouch.
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This page was last updated on:   May 1st, 2005.
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- - Advanced Topics - -

Do You Really Want to Read This? <G>

     A natural bridge from the sound of firmly thumped JockUps leads to the potential for more extreme games.   But, we're speaking extreme in a friendly context:  I would never countenance nor recommend any activities damaging to a man's genitalia.   My motto is if it feels good, I want to be able to do it again.

Musical JockUps

     This brings me to a chief advantage of JockUps, when worn in combination with snug-fitting jockstraps or other protective gear:   A man can get himself and like-clad "combatant-musicians" into some seemingly severe give-and-take ball orchestration, enjoy every climactic moment, and walk away with nary a bruise!   And while we're on the subject, groin-based groans and ripe JockUp thumps must be near the top in intense masculine pleasures.   Do I hear bongos somewhere?

Aroma Therapy?

     To incorporate all the senses, our advanced coverage would be incomplete if we did not mention aromas.   If you've ever taken that second sniff in delight at how wholesome your jockpouch smells after a day's activities or from a good, hard workout, then here's a hot tip:   JockUps make better scents!    The aroma can be especially intense after several wears, as the foam gets seasoned with your unique male ball sweat.


     Now, I know you're not the type, but if -- just if -- in your jockstrap delight you should emit some pre-cum, or even climax in a JockUp, then be prepared for an unexpectedly pleasurable experience.   Your precious fluids will bring your cock and balls into even closer contact with the JockUp's walls.   Perhaps we'll leave further discussion to your imagination at this point!

- -Peripheral Products - -

Dear Me, There's More?

    We seldom sleep at Leather Oaks, so excited (or excitable ?) are we at the nearly limitless vistas of bulge development projects that seem to sprout up under every jockstrap!  Visitors to my primary site have some knowledge of my ideas, but there's even more!  JockUp technology has now influenced shorts, suits and even become their own jockstraps, besides undergoing some wholely functional changes themselves.   Here's a preview of these bulge development products, and a review of what you can get now or later!

JockUp Suspensory


     Really a neoprene (or melon/foam rind) nutbag, with or without straps.   These started out as a joke, but as I got into it, and refined my design, I can now report that the JockUp Suspensory is a serious protective pleasure center. JockUp Suspensories, in common with their fabric little brothers, protect and contain a man's nuts while leaving his cock free for other pursuits (or threats? <G>).   They layer well with an uplifter (curved or narrow) or oversized classic.   The JockUp Suspensory provides additional ball protection, while preserving cock access.   You may need to use several O rings to make this work right.   Sizes and styles are still in flux at this time.   You can get in on the ground floor of this guy!

Melon Suspensory
Melon JockUp Suspensory
Suspensory Populated
Equipped Melon Suspensory
BraCup Suspensory
First Suspensory

Cup Recycling

     The JockUp Suspensory started out as a way to use the bra-shape from a woman's wetsuit shirt.   Turned out so nice, I figured others might be interested.   Essentially, it's a more rounded cup with an opening at the top for your cock to pass through.   Alas, the hand sewing, while charming, also makes the thing impractical to produce for sale!

Big, Bold & Blue!

     Given my interest in big bulges, you might have guessed that something like this was on its way.   I've been experimenting with this "knuckled foam" material, and thought since it's pretty thick, I'd better make a larger suspensory from it, just to test the concept, right? The prototype may seem a bit rough around the edges, because it was reduced about 10% or more before I got that "just right" response I had been seeking!

Blue Monster Suspensory
Blue Suspensory in Operation

     So, how does it ride?    Funny you should ask.   My nuts are completely contained but far from forgotten.   In the photo, I'm wearing one of those old "open mesh" TruFit jocks from Kmart, and the sensations were incredible.   As you may imagine, I've always had trouble keeping my hands away from my basket, yet here is a presence that seems to demand vigorous self-testing!

JockUp-based Jockstraps

    Made from melon rind, see the "Under Construction" photo below.   This started out as a cement test, and turned out so nicely, I'm offering them for sale.    To me, this is definitely not an under-garment, although I bet it would look wild showing through a lycra body suit!   Special order, since they almost have to be custom-cut to your physique.   For strength, I'm only making the pouches in the largest size, but you can layer a smaller classic inside to get a snug fit to your equipment.   I can also make them in neoprene, using customer provided aterial. An old pair of wetsuit pants or shirt will probably do.

Under Construction
Melon MegaJock Under Construction

    Visitors to my web site are no doubt aware that my favorite jockstrap design (excepting the Bike 10, perhaps) is the old Trump Wye-Front.   {Not only are there two WyeFront jock photos linked to my home page, but the image is also used as a pointer to other links.}    I've done it in leather and innertube rubber, so it seemed a natural for the Melon foam material.    The curved corners of the pads made natural curves for the leg straps, which wrap around the pouch up to the waistband. 

    Wearing the Melon MegaJock, as I'm calling it, will definitely keep your cock and nuts toasty warm and moist!   Since the JockUp is recessed about half an inch from the pouch edges, the effect is more of a groin plate and cup, than just a plain jockstrap.    Great for those cool nights when you want your personal heat way up!

Completed Melon Jockstrap
Mellow Melon Megajock in Operation

JockUp Pouch-Inset Shorts

Upfront Bulges made Rubberily Magnificent ! !

     I like my gear to fit snugly!    Maybe you do too.   Especially with the thicker neoprene used in older wetsuits, snug-fitting also seemed to mean emasculating or drastically subduing my male profile! So what's a bulge-focussed (make that bulge obsessed, mayhaps <G>) rubberman to do, you might ask?    Innovate, I reply !

First JockUp-Inset Shorts

     My solution has been to build a JockUp into the front of the shorts.   Several such conversions are featured on my main web site, but here are a couple of construction closeups, paired with in-use views of the same.   To your left are the first such shorts I modified.    Basically, it involves cutting a groin-shped oval out of the front of the shorts and then sewing in a JockUp.

    I'm thinking you might have seen the photo to the right, but it's the best I can find to display the bulge and waffling of these shorts.   They really feel wonderful, even without additional JockUps, although a jockstrap worn "cock down" enhances your groin awareness without flattening your equipment.

Waffled Bulge Shorts
High Waisted Shorts Inside View

    Remember that JockUp Suspensory nee Bra Cup from a page or so earlier?   Were you perhaps wondering what became of the other cup?  Well, here it is, lost in the shadows of my "High Waisted Shorts".   In fact, I believe these shorts were made from the pants belonging to the same ladies' cut wetsuit.    The offset front zipper gave me the idea for this conversion, that and the very high rise of these pants/shorts.    I figured if I were very careful, I could inset an awsomely oversized JockUp pouch into the front, without disturbing the zipper.    A couple of new Melon JockUps are shown ready to perform bulgebuilding service when the shorts, reaching almost to my knees, are pulled on.

    At the right is a working photo of the same shorts.   Even though they fit snugly at the waist and thighs, there's plenty of comfortable basket room.   The dull waffled surface makes them hard to photograph, and reduces the visual impact (if I were to concern myself with such things).  

High-Waisted Bulge Shorts
Rugged Profile Closeup

    A teaser on my latest shorts conversion.   A bulgebuilding tutorial featuring them is on the next page.   A knuckled foam JockUp produced the gnarly detail on my basket.

What's needed from you if you'd like a pair for yourself?   A pair of wetsuit pants that are nut-squashingly tight, although comfortably fitting elsewhere.   Since to make shorts from them, I use part of one leg to build the pouch, fit of the lower legs is unimportant.   We'll trim both to the same length, with the longest practical being usually just abve the knees.   This is a one-on custom project, since I have no ready source of old suits to cut up!   Costs and time will be based on exact customer preferences and the pants style we're starting from.
     Want a big bulging pouch set in your Quintana Roo or Ironman Suit?    You know it will ruin your swimming times with all of that extra turbulence, but let's talk!    {I'd love to have a guinea pig for this one.<G>}

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