The history and future of a curious foam jockstrap pouch.
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- - Price List - -

I knew we'd get to this point <G>


     My pricing structure for JockUps is very simple.   They're $12.00 each, and if you buy four at once, you can choose a fifth for free!

Melon MegaJock

    The Melon MegaJock is an involved project.    I'd be delighted to make more, but must ask $75.00 for each.    If you're interested, e-mail me, and we'll discuss the measurements I'll need, and the likely time required.

Pouch-Inset Shorts

    My JockUp-based shorts are essentially one-on projects.    Depending on the complexity, I expect the cost would be $50.00 to $75.00 plus a usable pair of pants to start from.    I've made five pairs of these to date, one for sale, so I'm confident of the concept.   Again, if you're interested, we'll need to enter an e-mail dialogue, and I must leave it up to you to provide the pants/shorts to work with!

JockUp-Modified Wetsuit

    The main concern I would have with performing such an operation is finding material for the JockUp that will be a reasonable match to the torso material of the wetsuit.   Price would still be $50.00 to $75.00 (depending on perceived complexities) for the first one.    If you're interested, let's e-mail, or talk by phone, to work out the details!


    I buy these toys in bulk, so my prices are lower than most I've seen, but they still vary all over the map based on material and quantity.    See the O-Ring Prices and Shipping section for price details.

Shipping Charge and Timeliness.

    I ship all U.S.A. orders by United States Postal Service Priority Mail for a set fee of $7.00, regardless of size!   Orders for JockUps I have in stock go out the next Postal business day after payment.    Others may take two to three extra days, as I wait for the cement to cure.   Custom projects I'll work on as expeditiously as I can.   Please make allowances for this being a labor-of-love hobby for a now retired professional!

Payment Means.

    I prefer PayPal, since it's so easy for both parties, and is always free for the buyer!    I'm not yet set up for credit card payments, but will be happy to accept a Cashier's or Certified check drawn on a U.S. bank.   Once we have decided by e-mail exchanges the total for your order, I'll send you my PayPal account link, or mailing address.

Rubber O-rings

O-rings for everyman!

    One thing that can make the difference between a JockUp being a so-so or a sensational experience is how far your cock and balls extend from their base, what I call your "thrust".   O-rings used as cock rings (actually worn over cock and balls) can assure that your balls will nestle in the bottom of your JockUp, giving space for your cock to fold over comfortably.

Personal Experience and a Quest

    I've been wearing cock straps and cock rings for over 20 years.    During that period, I've tried a bunch of materials to make the experience more pleasant.    Never could get used to metal rings.   The edges of the small sizes really hurt when you're hard.    And those bigger rings are usually so bulky, I couldn't comfortably fold my equipment for wear under neatly-fitting street clothes.   Also, with airline security being what it has become, I'd have to make other arrangements to get through the metal detector.   {Semi-humorous question -- Could a 2" ID by 1" thick chrome-plated donut be considered a flight safety item?    I don't want to know!!}

     For 10 years, I used a pair of plastic Café curtain rings.    While comfortable most times, a piss hard could really hurt, if they're "just big enough" under usual conditions.

     That led me to research O-rings, and to try all commercially available materials for comfort in a male genitalia application.    My Café' rings are retired now, their permanently worn mating edges shiny and cold.

Slimmer Profile

     Most metal cock rings are a minimum of 1/4" thick, with some of the donuts and other specialty toys measuring over ˝" in cross section.    The O-rings I stock are only 3/16" thick, the widest in general industrial usage.    Using rubber O-rings, then, adds much less bulk, but instead just rearranges your equipment.    Since it's principally a rearranged "you" we're dealing with, wearing even snugly fitting jockstraps, perhaps (we hope) enhanced with a JockUp or three, should produce no sense of binding or discomfort.

Permanent Change?

     So you're looking for a permanent lengthening of your cock trunk?    Well, maybe, just a little I think that over the years, my ball sack may have been loosened somewhat from being constantly but gently stretched.   I for years routinely wore 5 O-rings (15/16" across)and have gradually increased that to a most enjoyable (and provocatively noticeable) 9 (1-11/16") stack!.   Of course, there are some leather jeans and pants with insufficient crotch "ease", but I' gradually disposing of them!

O-rings and Shaving

     Even with my old plastic rings, I soon found that wearing more than one was a great way to snag pubic hairs.    As I'm not into hair-pulling as a masochistic delight, I soon decided that crotch shaving is a more pleasant alternative.  The first week is the worst.   I re-shave every Thursday, and it's a rarity now for me to get an ingrown hair.  Can't bear to part with your bush?    A light coating with petroleum jelly (just on the O-rings, so it will stay away from your JockUp's seam) should help.

Ball sack emphasis

     Pulling all of the excess skin away from your nuts to lengthen your trunk makes your nuts show more prominently.   In the photo to the right, there are six orange silicone O-rings "holding off" my nutbag!

Six O-rings in a JockUp

Impact Sports

Impact Testing

     The vulnerability of your balls to impact is increased in direct proportion to the number of rings, especially if you dress "Cock up".   (To our left, I practice a bit of backhanded basket testing.   That's, appropriately enough, a Knuckled Curved Uplifter providing protective services.)   I leave it to your discretion whether this is a plus or a minus !

O-ring Materials

     O-rings are made in a bewildering variety of materials, from cheap rubbers, through silicone compositions to Teflon!    I stock most common male sizes in three choices of compounds.

Buna-N (Nitrile / NBR)

    If you can find a hardware store that stocks larger size O-rings, they will almost certainly be made of Buna-N rubber.    They're the cheapest available, and particularly convenient for selecting the best size for your needs.    Problem is, they tend to irritate most men's skin after a varying period of time.

EPDM/EPR (Ethylene Propylene)

    Ethylene Propylene O-rings cost a bit more.    You'll be interested to know that they are FDA approved for use in food applications.    We're also happy to report that it seems to not irritate sensitive skin, even in long-term wear.

Orange Silicone

     Orange Silicone O-rings also bear the FDA approval in food service applications.   I've had no problems after months of continuous wear.   And, the color is a kinky plus, as you might have noticed above!   They are, alas, a ittle more pricey.

O-ring Sizing

O-Ring Size Chart
Inside Diameter Equivalent Circumference
1-1/4" 3-7/8"
1-3/8" 4-3/8"
1-1/2" 4-3/4"
1-5/8" 5-1/8"
1-3/4" 5-1/2"
1-7/8" 5-7/8"
2" 6-1/4"
2-1/8" 6-5/8"
2-1/4" 7"
2-3/8" 7-1/2"
2-1/2" 7-7/8"

From Experience

    If you routinely wear cock straps or cock rings, and know their inside diameter, it's easy to order rubber O-rings.   For a cock strap, measure the circumference of the settings (snaps or buckles) you usually employ, and look up the diameter in the table. The highlighted ones are those I currently stock.   Others will take about a week longer.

Starting Fresh

     Easiest way.    Order my starter pack of five rings {included sizes are highlighted in the table) -- I'm selling them at cost -- and pick the right size.   You should be able to slide the ring along your trunk with little or no effort when you're fully soft.   Order more of that size ring.

     Measurement way.    This is very tricky and requires three hands and a lot of patience!   Pull your cock and balls away from your body, using your thumb and forefinger as a "ring".   Then, take a measuring tape and replace your hand ring with the tape.   Read the circumference and look up the diameter on the table.   The "average" guy needs between 1-5/8" and 1-7/8".   I've had some customers use between 1-1/2" and 2" though, so don't cheat.   It's your equipment we're enhancing, and if it hurts or irritates, it's probably too tight.

O-rings and JockUps

     If you're NOT wearing JockUps or other close-fitting gear, you can safely wear one or maybe two sizes smaller!   The reason (I believe) is that JockUps keep your nuts warmer, so more blood tries to flow to keep them cool.

     Absent the JockUps, the rings will actually have the effect of cooling your nuts, so the sack will shrink.   Under some circumstance, your nuts may even pop back out.   There are two solutions to this, depending on your level of masochism:

     1) Pop them right back in!    If you feel your way, guiding your nut's pointed end in first, it's a really neat sensation.   They'll get the idea that you want them to stay put <G>!

     2) Add more rings of the same size.   If you're wearing more than 2, you might try going down one size for part of them.   (Those furthest away from your trunk).   The additional rings take more slack out of your ball sac so your nuts can't wander as much.

Putting on Cock Rings

1) Thumb your first ball through (the larger one if you can tell the difference).

2) Take all the slack skin you can to pull your first ball away from the ring.

3) Guide your second ball through the ring.

4) Circle both nuts and pull them down away from the ring while holding the ring open with your thumb.

5) Fold your cock and coax its head through the ring.   If you're hairy and not a masochist, you may use a lubricant for this.   Some guys insist on talc, but I really like hair conditioner (no oils in it).

6) Once your cock head is past, just pull it on through.   Then, grabbing cock and nuts with one hand, slide the ring against your trunk with the other.

7) Refer to sizing instructions if you're unsure about the sensations.

O-Ring Prices

Low Shipping Costs!!

O-Ring Price List
Material Price
Buna-N $0.45 5 pk $1.75
EPDM/EPR $0.95 3 pk $2.50
$1.50 3 pk $4.00
Quantity Prices offered for same or assorted sizes in the same materials!
Shipping Charges
{Any Quantity}
$1.50 by First Class Mail
$6.50 by Priority Mail
Shipping Included with JockUp-products orders

User Care Hints

JockUps Care and Feeding

    1)   Please avoid the use of oil-based lubricants.   They may feel good, but they'll loosen the cement bonding your JockUp into shape, and over time you may find you have a butterfly-shaped piece of foam instead of that nice cup you used to enjoy!

    2)   If you did use petroleum jelly or shortening, or if you're feeling guilty about how ripe your JockUp has become, here's what to do.   Rub liquid soap or dishwashing liquid into the pouch interior, and rinse thoroughly with warm or cool (not hot) water. Leave the JockUp to air dry.

    3)   Machine Washing?  Well, I have done it, but make sure you use no more than warm water. Generally, the JockUps are so light, the clothes washer can't do much agitation to something mostly floating on the surface. Please DON'T machine dry, ever <G>!

O-rings Care and Cleaning

    4)   O-rings are generally much more tolerant of oils and liquids than are JockUps.   I usually keep my Orange Silicone stack moistened with a light coating of medicated cream. It doesn't seem to have affected the rings even after over three Years of continuous wear.

    5)   Washing?   I've used all of the JockUp techniques, and they also come out squeaky clean if looped over one of the upper tray "spikes" in a dishwasher!!

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